The Difference an In-Person Office Makes

Are you in the Parker area and tired of working in a virtual office? Let @The Office transform your workspace into a rentable office space. Where you work can have a big impact on your performance and efficiency. It can get tiring working in a virtual office space in your home everyday and not having an office space to go to. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies no longer have an in person office space to go to, so visit us to rent an office space by the hour in Parker.

Why Get Out of a Virtual Office Space in Parker?

Working at home can be very stressful and distracting, leading to a harsh environment to work in. If you have pets, they can make a lot of noise and kids will want more attention during the day while you’re at the house. Working at home can also lead to distractions because you will want to complete daily household chores that might be bothering you. A virtual office space can sometimes be seen as unprofessional if you aren’t able to get a set up to look like you are in an office.

Why Choose @The Office?

We work hard to help freelancers, small businesses and remote workers have a safe office space they can go to work. We offer rentable office spaces and conference rooms with a variety of amenities like complimentary coffee and water, phone services, mailing services and printing. For office space rentals we offer day passes at $40 an hour for an office space or $50 an hour for a conference room, we also offer monthly membership packages if you are looking to create a steady schedule in the office. 

For more information about a rent-able office space in Parker, call @ The Office today!

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