Shared Office Space

If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that working from home is awesome….but sometimes, you just have to get out of there! If your home office walls are closing in on you or you’re just tired of moving crayons and general stickiness away from your workspace, then welcome to @ The Office! We offer a shared office space that is clean, comfortable and available for individual office spaces to large conference room capabilities. We all love our kids but who knew they’d be such lousy co-workers?! If you’re needing a break from the at home work space, or just needing a few productive hours each week, we have the perfect shared office space just waiting for you.

Our @ The Office business offers a temporary office space for long term or short term memberships. We can customize your space and time needed to fit your business needs. Looking for a short term conference room rental? Yeah, we can do that! Looking for a quiet meeting space for a weekly zoom meeting without having to mute and yell shoosh to your little coworkers? Yeah, we can do that too! We always have fresh coffee and water, just like the olden days before the Pandemic! Aaaggghhh, memories. We can give you all the warm and fuzzies of a real office space again, just without your boss! So, really, we’ve improved the office space! 

@ The Office can even provide day passes if you’re just needing a single day in a quiet space or single afternoon of a conference room. Whatever your needs may be, @ The Office can help with a shared office space. Our membership information can be found here: Memberships – @ The Office ( We can customize a package for you as well. No one knows at this point how long Covid will continue to impact our day to day living and working. We can assure you that we’ll be here with a clean office space rental to help you get through. Give us a call today to find out how we can help you work better!

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