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Short-term Workspaces

Workspace Rentals for All of your Business Needs

If you’re looking for office space rental in Parker, Colorado, @The Office has you covered. Our short-term workspace options are perfect for businesses of all sizes. We have a variety of different sized office spaces available, and we’re always updating our inventory to make sure that we have something to meet everyone’s needs. Plus, our office space rental options come with all of the amenities you need to get your business up and running, including Wi-Fi, office equipment, and conference rooms. You’ll never want to go back to your old office building after seeing what @The Office has to offer for your rental needs.

Workspace Includes Everything You Need to be Productive 

@The Office offers 4 individual short-term workspaces in Parker, Colorado, available for rent for those a part of our membership program or who have purchased day passes. Each office rental comes with a spacious desk, comfortable office chair, and clean storage cabinets. Workspaces can be rented from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday. This office share is perfect for those who work from home, but need a designated workspace to complete their tasks and keep organized. From answering emails, to making appointments, or even collecting client invoices, all of your office needs will be met in a personal co-working space @The Office.

Personalized Membership Packages

Need to rent office space? We offer 3 personalized membership packages, fitting to your co-working space needs. Our office spaces will fit any occasion, whether you need coworking spaces or a private office. Our private offices and serviced offices are perfect for those who need space between location changes or on trips with your team. These membership packages range from $99 to $650 a month, spanning from 5 hours to full time personal office share. View our full membership package offerings here! Short Term Office Rental Parker, CO | @ The Office (

Day Passes

Need something short-term and quick? Nothing fits an impromptu need like a flexible office space does. We offer day passes for our conference room, and our offices, so you can come and rent as your office needs change. If you are looking for event space by square foot, we can can discuss the options we have that best meet you needs. For our workspaces, day passes cost $40/hr and our conference rooms cost $50/hr. View a detailed rundown of our pricing for day passes here!

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