Mail Services Parker, CO

We’ll Handle Everything Except Paying Your Bills!

Our in-house mail services allow you to send your personal and/or your business mail right to our co-working space, here in Parker, Colorado. If you can’t make it in, we also offer virtual mail services for virtual offices. If permission is granted, @The Office will open your mail, scan it, and send an email to you free of charge! If you’re already a part of our membership program, this service is complimentary.

Pricing…or if you’re a Member…we call it a Perk!

For non-members, our mail service costs $99 a month. This will automatically upgrade you to our Simple Member Package, which will include 5 free hours of personal workspace every month. If you are already a member, this service is completely free. If you want to check out our membership packages, view our Membership page!