Workspace Amenities

Everything You Need & More

@The Office aims to create the most efficient office space rentals for all kinds of people. No matter your industry, career, or position, our workspaces are designed to keep you productive, while allowing you to enjoy the space around you. With our personal office rentals, private conference room, complimentary beverages, physical and virtual mail services, and optional phone service, you’ll have everything you need to get your work completed.

Complimentary Coffee & Water

Coffee and water will be available for all of our guests. Located at the front of the office, enjoy meeting your other co-workers, greeting your guests, sharing the office rental space, and feel free to sit and talk a while.

Personalized Mail Service Designed Around Your Needs

For those that are a part of our membership program, our in-house mail services are fully complimentary. This service allows you to send your personal and/or your business’ mail directly to our office space, here in Parker, Colorado. If you aren’t able to pick it up, we offer virtual mail services as well. @The Office can open your mail, if permission is allowed, scan it, and send the contents in an email to you free of charge!

Phone Service for Long-Term Office Members

This service is optional to those that are members of our larger office workspace packages. @The Office will offer you your own extension line, allowing your clients, employees and coworkers to reach you.

In-House Printing Services

@The Office offers black and white printing services to our members, or colored printing for an additional cost. Our office offers 8.5in x 11in and 11in x 17in paper printing sizes.

Office Supplies… yeah that’s right! No need to feel like you’re stealing, you can have them! 

Forgot your pen and notebooks? No worries. @The Office offers basic office supplies for their guests, such as pencils, pens, paper, staplers and more.

Free Parking – Just Like Monopoly! So come on in and start making your fortune! 

We are located in Parker, Colorado, at 19021 Plaza Dr. Our office has free and open parking, so you’ll never have to worry about where to leave your car. Parking spots are found right in front of the building, so if you need to grab something, or quickly leave, you’ll be only a few yards away.